The Best Biz Advice for College Students


  1. Bryan Elliott

    Really solid biz advice for college students from +David Meerman Scott in
    this new episode of +Behind the Brand

  2. Gazing Skyward TV

    +Behind the Brand Excellent video! I really enjoyed it and has reinforced
    some of my ideas for building a presence on social media.

  3. Nick Allen

    Great advice on personal branding, newsjacking and content marketing from +David
    Meerman Scott 

  4. Jane S

    Good ideas but if you are a nobody, your tweets and blog posts are not
    really being picked up. You should still do them anyway.

  5. Mujahid AbdulBari

    Tough! BETTER than what youth get from college advisors

  6. David Meerman Scott

    My best business advice for college & university students on getting that
    first job is in this episode of Behind the Brand TV.

    The Best Biz Advice for College Students

  7. Ivan Paradinovic

    14:55 Japanese websites generally looks terrible for western standards 

  8. afluhrer

    I hate to say it but when David talks, I keep thinking he’s giving away
    great secrets, this video is a good example. And Brian Connolly. If you
    have not read David’s “The new Rules” I might suggest it. I think he is on
    the opposite end of superficiality. 


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