Tips for Financial Success with Business Expert Dani Johnson


  1. Prince John

    Thanks Dani at young age of around 13 yrs listening my father’s Goal/Dream
    who lived thru monthly pay check inspired me to full-fill his broken
    dream.I found my Vision/Dream/Goal/Ambition what I concieved never came
    true the reason Neither I was given any road map nor motivation and I ended
    up working for somebody but consistently pursuing my passion, dream wordly
    way and finally found real time tested proven god’s way to become
    financially blessed. Thanks God for encountering leaders, mentors, coach
    like you who created a niche & climbed the success ladder from Rags to
    Riches on the basis of biblical principle & formula/receipe has inspired me
    to re-design my shattered dream & purse life time DREAM by the Grace of
    God. GBU

  2. Rizwan Ansari

    I have a small business of Tours & Travels in India’s small town
    Its started 4 months ago i m facing problem of p ublic attestation i have
    lots of holidays packages to sales i also deal in train, bus, and other
    hear i have lots of completions here are many other travels agencies in
    same area where i locate, i think m finding out 1 problem which is my
    office on 1st floor, (but it is on main road side with a road view )
    do i have to change locations ?
    do i have do more marketing as just because our office is on floor ?

  3. Simon Rolfe

    Thanks, Dani. No more procrastinating I need to start today!!

  4. Sai Prasad

    thanks………. i got it

  5. How To Market Online - Free Training Course

    Glad you shared this. Cheers :)


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