Top Five Startup Tips From Spanx Billionaire Sara Blakely


  1. aruna reddy
  2. hjfdjful

    She’s a billionaire? Really?
    Hmm okay..

  3. ViralTNTeam

    Being authentic and trusting are two important keys to success. We all
    have a remarkable ability to just know things are right or wrong. Often
    times, we miss out on opportunities because we don’t listen to our gut or
    it gets us into trouble sometimes because we don’t listen to it. How can
    people be authentic and still listen to their gut at the same time?

  4. Rick Schmidt

    Lust sells but there is no amount of money that
    will buy you out of burning hell

  5. Carlos Henrique Azevedo Miotto
  6. Stephanie Murray

    Blah blah blah—-vague generic rah rah “try hard”, “have a vision”

  7. yang jessica

    all I learned is she has really beautiful white teeths…

  8. kay vee

    The last tip was very poignant. I recently watched another interview from
    her where she expounded on that a little bit more. She said she held on to
    her idea for a year before sharing with family and friends and during that
    time settle in her heart that she was going to do it. When she finally
    shared her idea, they talked her out of it out of love but they hadn’t seen
    what God placed in her. For those who didn’t receive a message in this
    video, I hope you find your inspiration elsewhere. Her story is very

  9. jumpedkickedadragon

    Is she married?


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