What Is The Number One Business Advice For A Teenager?


  1. Bill Boakye

    FIrst! Jk, great video Gary!

  2. DrinkMoWater

    The banner in the back is great .. nice video team

  3. Higher Learner

    Sweet. Thanks for this, I sometimes get an itch for when things aren’t going as fast as I’d like it. It’s great to have this reminder. 🙂

  4. Tilak Maddy

    why the fuck is this censored ?

  5. Yard Sale Hunter

    Ebooks suck

  6. Kanyanga Eberhard

    Great advice. Forgive me for my poor English but i really need help and it would be good if you make a video response.
    I’m opening a photo and tattoo shop in a small town. So far i have a photographer and i’m looking for a tattoo artist. I have a natural gifted brother who could almost do everything including tattoos. He’s hardworking but the problem is that he’s a drunkard, violent and someone who enjoy showing off even if there only $100 his pocket. It seems like he is resistance to change. My first start up business failed because of his attitude.He use to drink during working hours and stole from the cash flow. But despite that he’s really talented and hardworking, so the question is should i hire him as a tattoo artist or not? If i hire him, i will earn more money but there is a possibility of him ruining my business. If i hire the other guy, he is a nice person but not talented like my brother.


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