Wilson Luna Gives Business Advice To A Property Developer For Footballers

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  1. Wilson Luna
  2. Josh Hayes

    Painting the picture of when your solution provides the greatest power is
    hugely effective and something every great business can make use of!

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  3. kasia piechocka

    Good communication skills are key. If you do not communicate your value
    well enough you might potentially loose one of your biggest clients
    regardless how great your service is… love it x

  4. Jaye Fleming

    VP needs to run smoothly and be a great fit. Practice and reword it until
    it flows.

  5. Jane Camilleri

    The lessons I learned were:
    -getting your VP right makes all the difference.
    -fixing the biggest problem for your clients is the most important thing.

  6. Krishan Joshi

    Totally awesome!

  7. Irene Ibrahim

    Network = NetWorth; if you build close relationships with your potential
    clients, you are in a better position to understand their greatest fears/
    problems and tailor business solutions to assist them. 

  8. Laura Nelson

    Wow wow speak to them at their level, their ego. Give them what they want.
    It’s politics. Smooth. Love it.


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