WIlson Luna Gives Business Advice To A Specialist Cleaning Company

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  1. Wilson Luna
  2. Josh Hayes

    How much do you make or save your ideal client?
    Plus, how much time do you save them in the offering that you have?
    Money & Time are the top 2 conditioned value offerings in business.

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  3. Kimberly McKenzie

    There’s so much great learnings to be had here. With specificity comes
    clarity and simplicity for your clients and you. Love this, thanks Wilson.

  4. Jaye Fleming

    VP needs to be clear, concise. Straight to the point!

  5. Jane Camilleri

    The lessons I learned were:
    -make sure you know the way your clients business work and specifically do
    your VP towards each stage of your clients business.
    -talk to your client about how much you’re going to save them and what you
    specialise in.
    -get your VP down to a point that it becomes second nature to you.

  6. Irene Ibrahim

    Communication + Value = success;
    when communicating your value proposition to your clients, make sure that
    (1) include some monetary benefit
    (2) indicate how you tailor your solutions to the client’s business


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