Zack Arias: If I Had to Start My Photo Business Today


  1. VideoTronism

    can’t really understand the rave reviews of this presentation. I personally
    would do things differently in regard to most of the suggestions made. This
    approach is too conservative.

  2. Tammy Chesney

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Teresa Cesario

    We Love you, we can all relate to you and your humble.

  4. Lukas Kuzma

    amazing, thank you zack and photoshelter for sharing this video.

  5. Rama Sivamani

    I get Zack’s point, although if you have a decent day job and are looking
    to build a photo business that you are planning on transitioning into down
    the road then the things that take longer to build may work.

  6. CameraGeek

    47:28 Best advice in this entire video!

  7. bolerozo

    If you can do photography as a hobby.

  8. Melissa McClure

    Great stuff here! Just getting started myself.I am not a young woman,so
    knowing it’s going to take years to get established is a bit of a hurdle
    but we all have to start from where we are. Zack I wish you much continued

  9. db walton - CAPTURING BEAUTY

    Zack, that is some of the best advice ever given.

  10. Theo Mourat

    what about selling prints
    is there anyone doing this

  11. Alfred Kitchens

    follow me @apexphotographyatlanta on Instagram from shooting from a
    disposable to a dslr My first 10,000 images has been my worse,always
    looking for new techniques

  12. Peter Vandever

    One suggestion I would add would be throw a dollar a day into Facebook ads
    locally :)

  13. Edward Salandy

    This is a BIG BIG game changer, thanks Mr. Zack Arias, blessing flow to U
    and yours,

  14. Tinashe Hwindingwi

    Thank you so much Zach. I really found your advice helpful. I had started
    shooting around this time and wish that I had seen this video first.
    Regardless this was awesome to listen to.

  15. Dave Sucsy

    Zack, as always, your stuff is great. Always a good reality check. This
    presentation is even especially great. No matter what type of photography
    one does, it is a business. Hard work, research research research,
    planning, hard work, cost analysis, cost effectiveness analysis,
    networking, connections, hard work, research, etc! 🙂
    As an aside, one thing about this presentation that really made me laugh:
    You mentioned those who earn a good living at landscape and nature as “gods
    who walk amongst us”. And you also mentioned “mr cool photographer, just
    getting out of the helicopter”.
    Well, I have been blessed to have been earning a usually comfortable living
    doing landscape/nature for about 35 years now, and I also rent helicopters
    to do various aerial photography. But I am not remotely close to being a
    god nor mr. cool photographer. I work hard, get up early to shoot, work
    till the early hours of the morning on my computer doing processing, do
    tons and tons and tons of research and planning (marketing, locations, what
    my pictures should look like, etc.), and am always being a real miser with
    the pennies. My wife and I each drive 15-year-old cars, eat at McDonald’s
    and are really very careful and conservative. We don’t want to be slaves to
    stuff and bills. We want to enjoy life and the work we do.
    I also saw a presentation where you bought a $200(?) camera and flew to
    NYC, instead of buying a $3000 camera to shoot in your back yard. Fantastic
    Yes! Everything you say in this presentation is just spot on! Great stuff!
    Fun stuff! Important stuff!
    All of us photographers, whatever and wherever we shoot, we have the same
    general principles in common. So anyone watching this and thinking about
    being a pro photographer (fashion, travel, events, glamor, headshots,
    commercial, whatever), listen to Zach and do what he says. Don’t borrow
    money to get stuff. Earn your money and buy what you truly need and can
    afford. It is the brain behind the camera that makes the pictures, and not
    the equipment.
    Thanks Zach. You’re the greatest!

  16. slaQ83

    If you’re gonna save money, and still get the best gear possible, I do not
    understand how someone can recommend a Mac. or Macbook. Because they are
    promoted so much in the creative industry, it’s almost as if you have to
    have one if you’re in that field. But a pc/laptop does everything a mac
    does, usually (in my opinion) even better, and especially when it comes to
    money/quality, there’s no way to beat a pc/laptop.

  17. Sian Pearce Gordon

    This is the most honest and helpful video I’ve seen on starting up a
    photography business – fabulous

  18. Charlie Sill

    Income less expenses equals profit. May it all be on the plus side

  19. ignorethesewords

    Extremely invaluable information.
    Thank you very much!

  20. Terry Ladbrook

    The best photography business advice I’ve EVER heard! Basically you have to
    be a marketeer. I’m not so hence the world’s worst business man. Thanks for
    this invaluable advice.

  21. Matthew Belonio

    know your numbers… NO DEBT! listened to this a year ago…now I’m back at
    it again gleaning more inspiration! thanks photo life coach! :P

  22. Harry Proudlove

    This is such a good interview. It really gives solid advice that you can
    build something with and it’s as relevant today as it was in 2013.

  23. George Stone

    Some of the best advice ever! Thank you.

  24. M Hammer

    Great interview.

  25. Jenny FTOL

    I first saw this video when Zack published it. At the time I was just
    starting out. 3 years on and I’m a successful actor headshot photographer
    and looking to add business portraits to my offering.
    The information in this video is invaluable. Listening to it again I wish I
    had followed even more of the advice given.
    I so appreciate that Zack is so open and transparent, giving his advice
    freely and candidly.
    Thank you, Zack, very much appreciated.

  26. DIGITL

    5D Mk 1 not having video is huge, even though you can get it for like 300

  27. Ryan Daugherty

    I listened to this whole thing. Very good stuff.

  28. The Lighthouse Under The Stars Photography

    Niche is pronounced ‘Neesh’ not “nitch”.

  29. MrFagl

    i feel so gifted now.

  30. tom rose

    “Shoot your friends” [email protected]£$%^!)*+

  31. smokey267

    The amount of awesome in this interview.

  32. Andrew may

    very solid advice well done

  33. David Eichler

    Regarding the basic gear list, I would expand it slightly. Any professional
    photographer needs a backup body. I suppose you could rent one as needed,
    but this might be a problem if something comes up on very short notice.

  34. Michael Jurkowski

    Very informative! Zack has really helped me out with his advice. I
    suffered, too, with the obsession with the latest & greatest camera
    equipment and it turned out I didn’t even use half of it! I now have 1
    camera body, 1 lens and soon to have 1 flash to build from the ground up. I
    rent extra bodies or additional lenses until I feel the need that I need to
    purchase additional lenses depending on the growth of my business.


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