5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)


  1. Matt Storms

    So can I use this in the GWT’s forum? +Sasch Mayer +Lyndon NA this should
    be required watching before the post a question.

  2. Mike Wilton

    Really great video!

    #1: No value proposition – what differentiates you from your competitors?
    Use your meta desc or title to advertise it.
    #2: Segmented Approach – when there is no communication between the
    marketing team, SEO team, and biz dev teams. Consider SEO in the entire
    #3: Time-consuming workarounds, rather than researching and implementing
    new best practices (using rel=canonical when rel=next is a better fix,
    submitting XML sitemaps when submitting URLs in WMT would be faster, etc.).
    #4: Caught in SEO trends – don’t build the site around algorithms, build it
    around users. Don’t focus on keyword density or other factors that are
    irrelevant to users.
    #5: Slow iteration – aim to be agile. Adopt things like rich snippets,
    schema, video sitemaps as quickly as possible for an SEO advantage.

  3. Dids Main

    Tell me you weren’t making these mistakes and already implementing a good
    strategy! It is simple, always look at the users and provide them with the
    best experience and relevancy to their searches. Look at what they search
    for and align to them if you can offer them value.

  4. Tony McCreath

    I say move over +Matt Cutts, +Maile Ohye has come out with her best video
    yet. Maybe we need a face-off?

  5. Rodolfo Mercader

    At time I am guilty of mistake #3. I have fell in love with rel=”canonical”
    attribute. #SEO

  6. Brent Csutoras

    See this more and more in videos, interviews, and conversations with search
    engines. In the first point it is mention that if you want to rank on top
    and stay on top, you need people to visit your site, revisit, and share it.

    More and more social signals are being listed as one of the more important
    elements to ranking in search engines.

  7. Viktor Dite

    Google empfiehlt: Do something cool! [@7:19] That’s it

  8. Peter Garety

    Amazing! Strategic Link Building and Niche Evaluation Storm is exactly
    about this…

  9. Jennifer Taylor

    Maile Ohye, from #Google, covers the five most common errors
    she finds in #SEO. She concludes with six quick tips to make sure you’re on
    the right track.

  10. Tufail Shahzad

    SEO Mistake: Slow iteration
    1- Define metrics for success
    2- Implement improvements
    3- Measure impact
    4- Create new improvements
    5- Prioritize improvements based on market and personnel.

  11. Christopher Johnston

    The comments on this video have proved to me that there is NO VALUE in
    YouTube comments. I want Google to REQUIRE ACTUAL NAMES in YouTube

  12. Steve Coan

    Great #seotips check it out!

  13. Daniel Waisberg

    *5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)*

    Great video by +Maile Ohye (from the Google Webmaster Tools team)
    discussing some best practices for optimizing sites for #SEO . Here are the
    mistakes she discusses:

    *Mistake #1 – No value proposition*
    *Mistake #2 – Segmented approach*
    *Mistake #3 – Time consuming workarounds*
    *Mistake #4 – Caught in SEO trends*
    *Mistake #5 – Slow iteration*

  14. Jaroslav Janukevic

    Just found out that +Maile Ohye videos are also on Webmaster channel!

  15. The SEO Guy

    A few SEO tips from Google…. Nothing new but maybe a refresh is needed…

  16. Jason Gervais

    Great video on common SEO mistakes & some good ideas to help your
    company! Let us know if we can be of any service to you! 

  17. Fernando Fernandez

    You have to watch this to learn what NOT to do. 

  18. Sławomir Zdunek

    Many things have changed in the SEO world. Stay on top of SEO and keep away
    from the mistakes. A nice video to watch from Maile Ohye.

  19. james dukes

    Thanks for the heads up Maile regarding the common mistakes made in SEO.
    Its true, I have been studying my own value proposition recently and have
    started to evolve my commercial model to include free SEO/SMO advice :)

  20. FranCis MoRilao

    5 common mistakes in SEO

  21. soner çağlar

    thanks for sharing

  22. J Mark de Haan

    Hi Maile, Thank you very much for your pointers, though I’d like to see
    more description for some of the points. In your SEO Instructions, what
    does “Be Smart about your tags and Site architecture” mean?

    My four small sites seem to be avoiding all the SEO mistakes and black-hat
    no-no’s. They’re listed in Webmstr Tools and Analytics and I manage those
    frequently. I’m always adding well researched content, and minimizing
    affiliate links. Although they are getting some traffic, and there’s been
    no manual actions against them, none of them are ranking anywhere for any
    keywords I’m trying to rank for, and they seem to be non-existant in the
    SERP’s for anything, though they are indexed and the sitemaps are
    up-to-date. I want to be on Google’s good side. What am I missing??
    These are the kind of answers I’ve been searching for.

    After a page has been indexed, is it detrimental to adjust the site title
    to a more descriptive one?


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