Abraham Hicks – The best business and career advice EVER


  1. Nikki Soto

    thanks¡¡¡ 🙂

  2. IResonateWithU

    this is something everyone needs to hear <3 really really good!

  3. Barbara Boyce

    wonderful way to open up my day – Thank you! I have two halves of me – one
    focuses on my business and antiques loves, the second focuses on tough
    questions we are faced with in society (activism). Both parts light my
    candles! This session is so perfect for any avenue that people walk. I am
    sharing it with my friends!!

  4. Martha Triana

    How am I going to get it…..I love nature, living by the trees and
    water…but don’t dare to move on..sell my property in the city and move
    out .I am waiting for what…a call……ha! a telephone call? Oh! the
    universe please help me Sending U LOVE, RESPECT and APPRECIATION

  5. mrsmeerkat6

    So good! Thank you! 😀

  6. Nour Dahher

    that was FUN and good 🙂 thank YOU

  7. Tom C.

    Thank you vio77X, as always, for the many excellent AH posts you offer for
    everyone’s benefit. I always look forward to your next wonderful choice.

  8. buckskinnedhorses

    create beautiful things, taking a run down neglected, forgotten anything
    renewing, refreshing, refurbishing, cleaning and creating! Most recent fun,
    I made hot/cold pack for a gentleman receiving chemotherapy the pillow made
    with love is to provide comfort for him. I love working with fabric, paint,
    wood and more. I get satisfaction inspiring and encouraging others. I love
    to create beautiful fruit/ flower arrangements.

  9. milliomoselme

    OMG… Goosebumps… amazing.. thank you!

  10. smoothskinagainblog

    Taking creative writing classes, bubble baths, walks to enjoy nature,
    traveling, being made up to look beautiful (lol), spending time with people
    I love, trying new foods.

  11. 370zTurbo

    I want to race cars, I want to be able to buy every car I want when ever I
    want. I want to help others get the car(s) they want. Universe….. This is
    fun to me, and my request to you.

  12. Francisco Fonseca

    Feel Good Now !

  13. lightandloveandflow

    wonderful stuff!! thank you for posting. There’s a life coach Elouise
    Taylor whose work is in alignment with Abraham’s teachings. Highly

  14. Paul Franko

    Abraham says never go into business for money but go into business because
    it pleases you and the more money will flow. While the concept makes sense
    e.g. Do what you love and the money will follow, I have meant many people
    that have taken this approach and they are broke and disheartened. I think
    a better approach is go into a business that pleases you and the ROI looks
    very good

  15. Goat Za

    ‘focus & feel’ & “That was fun” advice for all living …

  16. Tjad Clark

    ‘focus & feel’ & “That was fun” advice for all living …

  17. sourcenergy3

    Thank You For The Post…Great Advice …Abraham4Ever

  18. lO RR

    First, be happy, then do everything you want. Because from an happy state,
    a state of really intrinsical happiness, every actions you’re gonna chose
    to accomplish is going to be an action aligned with yourself, and so an
    action whos gonna bring yet more happiness.

  19. Nikka Rose

    Thank you for this video because I needed it to focus on my goals and how I
    am “feeling my way” into my desires.

  20. Kathy Kirk

    Spiritual Laws (Quantum physics) apply to every facet of physical
    life…including business!
    Here is a segment from Abraham with respect to career and business

  21. Gary Hyman

    Spiritual Laws (Quantum physics) apply to every facet of physical
    life…including business!
    Here is a segment from Abraham with respect to career and business

  22. Sen Chi

    3 businesses I love – none, none, none. what do you do now if you want to
    have a nice home and live at least a comfortable and safe life?

  23. entrepreneurbizforum

    This is interesting, I’m sure this got a lot of people thinking about what
    they really want to do, what they are passionate about! Abraham makes the
    great point of never go into business for money, do what pleases you and
    the money will come! This is very true.

  24. Wen Chen

    Thanks so much, Gratitude to hear this ! Just “Follow your bliss”.

  25. Avecita Justo

    “You Summon the energy through your interest in subjects and then you
    allow the energy to flow by practicing your belief about it. Focus and Feel”
    “Source is not picking favorites about who will they flow the energy to”
    “Focus and Feel, carry your easy button, Life its suppose to be fun for
    ” Accept your worthiness that source is orchestrating in your behalf
    because you’ve been asking”
    Cant be clearer than that. Thank you Esther and Abraham


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