Ari Gold + Turtle: Business Advice.


  1. abloo6

    as a business student, i find this delicious.

  2. altagolfer

    @abloo6 Same here lol

  3. mikeportnoyfan

    we showed this in my business class

  4. mkp

    @mikeportnoyfan that’s awesome! What school do you go to?

  5. NurseryControl

    Yes. Ari works for me.

  6. Kyle Rollins

    I’m majoring in business admin, all the questions Ari asked turtle, were
    what my management professor asked of us on our term paper. Dead on accurate

  7. DrMBA28

    @mikeportnoyfan That’s good. Any person thinking of being successful at
    ANYTHING should watch this clip – but especially business. If you don’t
    have the passion to do what others aren’t to be successful, you need to
    think of another line of work.

  8. George Chater-Clark

    thanks for putting this on…i was procrastinating so searched for
    this…I’m now back to doing my work 🙂

  9. Darth Raider

    Get rich quick schemes are for simple minded children. If you want to “be
    somebody” you have to work from the ground up knowing everything about your
    profession. Read “The Book of the Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi it can
    translate into the world of competitive business.

  10. Kim1987sc

    Very accurate and it takes a lot of effort to be very successful and
    wealthy. But sadly some people think they can get rich without doing
    anything at all.

  11. Max Dronne

    rich people make money work for them. hard work is always necessary but
    your money can work even harder. build up your assets and reduce your
    liabilities. of course you cant buy assets unless you work hard. it all
    evens out.

  12. bscherling

    Business in a nutshell

  13. TheOfficialSmarty


  14. TheSphinxNL

    I love how Ari usually is a dick to Turtle, but is super serious this time
    and actually gives him some proper advice and even a bit of guidance. I
    miss Ari.

  15. AjViShus

    Let’s not forget that Turtle stupidly sold his stock in Avion. If it wasn’t
    for Vince buying his stock last minute… he wouldn’t have anything to show
    for all the work he did that season. Turtle has been trying to get on his
    own two feet since season 1 and still hasn’t shown us that he can make it
    on his own without the gang. Don’t laugh at ivey league boys… they don’t
    need a rich successful actor to support them.

  16. LamboSpyder99

    He did not get any support from Vince for his last 2 projects. He did it
    all by himself – financing + marketing + logistics, all of it. He sold his
    stock in Avion only to support his new project (you cant blame him for
    that). Given where he comes from with very little education, I would say he
    has awesome business acumen and deserved the millions he earned in the end.

  17. superbuds0714

    I use this as motivation.

  18. maddywoo13

    Proper tough love will make a success out of you…

  19. Rick Rocha

    “He’s Paying His Dues. When Have You Paid Yours?”-For more Motivational
    clips for entrepreneurs visit

  20. Carl Cordes

    As a business TEACHER, I find this… not “delicious,” I’m a grown man… I
    find it kick-ass.

  21. Jared Rimmond

    A rare moment when Ari compliments Lloyd.

  22. guitarplayer22100

    this is representative of the jewish culture; balls out work hard.

  23. jmt12345ify

    Except it’s a lot easier to work hard when you know people who can get you
    started in a mailroom in Hollywood, aka you’re Jewish. Mailroom job at any
    sizable hollywood firm is the most competitive entry level job on the
    fricken planet…again, unless you’re Jewish and you know people.

  24. poopmcscoopface

    except jews start from the top….its not too hard to stay there. tur

  25. Robert Rivera

    Start your day off in high gear!


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