Business Advice for Small Black Businesses


  1. CabriniGreene

    Excellent video..thank you very much for this information.

  2. BlackTradelines .

    What do you think about the people that are doing MLM and calling it a

  3. Dysco Dreams Ent.

    You’re more than welcome. We’re going to do a part 2 soon.

  4. Dysco Dreams Ent.

    Personally I think it’s a rip off!!!! If you’re not in it early in the game
    then you’re not making any money. And if you have to “buy in” on a business
    and someone else name is all over it and you have to recruit people to
    recruit people, then it’s not a business. It’s all a scheme.

  5. BlackTradelines .

    Thank you. I think you show do a video about this because our people are
    just wasting alot of time thinking they have a business and are putting
    alot of resources into something that is not theirs and making someone else

  6. BlackTradelines .

    Yes, we have to be trained for better service but we are always cutting
    corners because we don’t own the factors of production and don’t practice
    cooperative economics. Chinese sometimes don’t always give good service but
    have a community behind them that practice group economics. Because they
    buy wholesale as a group, they are able to get huge discounts by volume. An
    asian store can sale you an item a lower price because they are getting it
    at the same discount or even less.

  7. BlackTradelines .

    You guys would do these more often. Check out what we are doing to
    agreggate our people at blacktradelines(dut)com. You can also list on the
    directory as a business cause we are trying to agreggate black resources.
    We are 100% black own and operated. We have also 2 mobile apps in the aps

  8. BlackTradelines .

    More videos regarding black business. And the same format you have .. the

  9. Dysco Dreams Ent.

    I like what you’re doing and your comments are on point. If more of us
    thought like this, there would be no stopping us. Unfortunately too many of
    our people are blinded by the pretty diamonds and the fast dollar.

  10. Black Professionals Online

    Nice Video!

  11. CrowdPleeza

    Good video.

  12. CrowdPleeza

    I’m for supporting Black businesses but I think we Blacks need to stop
    announcing “Buy Black” and “Bank Black” campaigns in the white media. We
    should just announce these things within Black media outlets. Whenever we
    announce these things in the white media it does come off as self
    segregation to those who don’t understand and we get bogged down in
    explaining why it isn’t reverse racism and eventually the campaign doesn’t
    accomplish much.


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