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  1. Period Attire
  2. Isabelle Rybinski

    I think they should be called period attire because it’s the same as your
    YouTube, so it will be easy for your viewers and other people to find :)

  3. nat9013

    I like Period Attire. I feel as though you’ve already somewhat established
    yourself with that name. Period Attire is also creative and “you”. Recycle
    almost sounds too general, while Period Attire has personality.

  4. Countthestars YT

    When on etsy, I search for cloth pads. Lots of entries come up based on the
    actual listing. You don’t have to have cloth pads in the shop name.
    Ultimately, it’s your preference. :)

  5. Cj smith

    Period attire!! That’s what people know you as! Weird question are you in
    america? Also blog sounds cool!

  6. Cj smith

    I do like re cycle because it’s catchy but I think you should do period

  7. Periodgirls4ever


  8. Ann Burgoyne

    I think Period Attire is the name to choose. It has a creative double
    meaning in regards to a woman’s period and your hobby of reenacting in
    period acting clothing (America in the 1860s). It adds a bit of whimsy to
    an otherwise practical product and that added touch is what captures the
    essence of who you are and makes your company so special. You go girl!

  9. Greencyclepads

    Can you please get back to my email

  10. girltogirlinfo2498

    period attire is a good name and theres nothing like it out there yet. good
    luck on starting your business!

  11. theperiodprincesses

    Period attire Is more original!
    People will notice it if you make videos about it on youtube

  12. Precious Stars Pads

    I can’t remember if you are in the US or Canada but if you are in the US
    you will need to pay around $4000 a year to the FDA to get your pads
    approved. It is illegal to sell cloth pads without this approval and if you
    are caught you can be punished quite severely, it will effect your ability
    to apply for bank loans and jobs in the future so just make sure you have
    checked it out before you start selling. you will also need to sort out
    registration for taxes and get liability insurance. thats just the tip tof
    the ice-burg but its super important you do it! :)

  13. AnNaMoLlYsInGs

    Love the name period attire!! Can you make a video showing us some pads you
    made? It would be a nice preview 🙂 I would love to support you and buy
    your pads!! 

  14. Journey To amps

    Period attire!
    Hahah sunscribe at the end..

  15. Period Attire

    Journey to amps: I saw that! How embarrassing!:)


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