Business Advice – Running a business is HARD


  1. Evan Carmichael
  2. trishonnas trends

    thank you for sharing!! i always tweet you! 

  3. Mohd Pash
  4. sadiki skeete

    Hey Evan I’m 13 years old and my goal is to make one million dollars before
    the end of high school. I I know that in order to be successful you need to
    find your passion. I have researched a lot about different forms of
    marketing such as network marketing and Internet marketing. All I need now
    is just to find my passion and then I can get started to moving to my goal.
    Any advice ?

  5. ryzeonline

    Preach on! Testify! Yeah!

  6. jonathan ruiz

    I watched your videos every morning..I was able to build an online Academy
    and start growing ..Hope you share how to create a viral Marketing videos
    for start up business..Keep inspiring ..Thanks a lot

  7. elle washington

    You inspire me. Thank you for being honest and transparent. 

  8. Arturo Bobea

    Wow… you actually gave me chills with this one. The passion is almost
    palpable. Loved it!


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