Business Advice : So You Want To Open A Restaurant


  1. Alexander Vaught

    I’ll stick to selling my stuff on eBay thank you very much. You should make
    a video about reliable investments. I’m thinking about investing into
    stocks when I get more money in the future and I would like to know your
    perspective of the stock investing. 

  2. Mafffffew

    I have a question mike. Do you think an accounting firm would be a
    profitable business to open?? Cause that’s one of my goals in life is to
    own one. I’ve read on sites that accounting firms that are owned by you are
    usually around the number one spot for small businesses to open!

  3. C H Shek

    I agree with Mike, my Parents have their own Business in the food industry,
    and alot of hardwork is put in just to pay back what they borrowed,
    thankfully now they are still working hard but now its money for them, not
    just for paying bills or loans,
    The food industry can be very rewarding but if your heart is not in every
    meal you make then you wont last very long, as customer will not come back
    if your food taste bad but your prices are low.

  4. Young Noble

    It’s been my life goal to be a restaurateur

  5. Peter Palmiotti

    A lot of businesses are risky but I know how much more a restaurant can be.

    I saw a friend of the family start and close a pizza place. I did really
    well, great word of mouth but in the end it was too much work and not
    enough return to keep it open.

  6. ChingChongLingLong0h

    About 90% of local restaurants go out of business within 5 years. That is
    why people don’t invest in them. Most markets are saturated.


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