Gene Simmons Business Advice.


  1. Xeidasx

    never toss down, fire any loser, dont fall into the socialist policy, if
    your not worth of the job.

  2. angel6craw

    he looks very tired. but very fuckable he is smoking.

  3. MichaelMyersFan66o

    @angel6craw he is

  4. jocam32

    @Xeidasx he said “keep ur costs down”

  5. whitneypassino


  6. Gabriel Macedo

    @angel6craw Gene Simmons is smoking? Where did you find that?

  7. luc137

    Soon people will be hating KISS because of him and his ideas.

  8. Dexter Haven

    Obama’s worst nightmare. He should walk into the Oval Office like this and
    teach that candy-ass Marxist in there a lesson.

  9. MusicforMe123

    We kind of basically do everything for you as much as I think of it for you
    for you. Keep your cost down, fire any loser….don’t fall into the
    socialist hypnotic policy thats been hoisted on us. I agree 100%. If you
    are not worthy of the job..your gone. The rest I did not hear clearly.

  10. PoliceViolence

    Fine. But what does he know about working a job?

  11. Steven Hoefgen

    @PoliceViolence quite a lot, he has worked many jobs since he was able
    to…probably more than you.

  12. PoliceViolence

    @wickedcurve Oh, personal insult. Seriously. Gene is a very rich man at
    least since the mid 70s. That is a good thing, no doubt, it just doesn’t
    give you insight into working a shitty job.

  13. Steven Hoefgen

    @PoliceViolence I apologize, I didn’t intend on it being insulting to you.
    Here, I’ll even throw myself into the mix and include myself as well as
    you. If you’ve ever read any of Gene’s books, he was not born with a gold
    spoon in his mouth and worked for every penny he has starting at a young
    age. He has a good work ethic, what can you say. It sure beats the hell out
    of mine. He has my respect.

  14. Steven Hoefgen

    What does he mean by saying. “never toss down”?

  15. Steven Hoefgen

    @akissfan1000 Ok, thanks…I’ve never heard that phrase and didn’t know
    what it meant…

  16. Steven Hoefgen

    @akissfan1000 I also didn’t catch the last part where he began to say, “If
    you’re not worthy of a job…”, then it got muffled…

  17. rodneyriddnauer

    Socialist economic policy…? You’re a f*cking Republican??!!?? Simmons,
    you have fallen far. Nick is embarrassed.

  18. stephen geraci

    Gene Simmons is such an A-Hole. It’s easy for him to say not to fall for
    Socialist economic policy when he is close to a billionaire. Face it Chaim,
    you got lucky with this gimmick and grant it you are a savy businessman,
    you got lucky many years ago and you could still be teaching school in
    Spanish Harlem. I know a person that worked for you and said you were a
    miserable bastard who treated people like shit. I guess money can’t make
    people happy.

  19. stephen geraci

    So true. I hope their fans get smart and see how they are taking advantage
    of their love of the past. I used to be a huge Kiss fan and loved when they
    got back together, but Gene is such a sad excuse for a human being I
    stopped being a fan and would not make these money hungry losers any
    richer. They are the luckiest SOBs that ever worked the earth.

  20. Izzy Skidzz

    Gene worked many shitty jobs, such as a 6th grade teacher, before KISS made
    any money.

  21. Izzy Skidzz

    And Paul Stanley worked as a taxi cab driver.


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