Get business advice from Sir Richard Branson


  1. debbydolittle

    Attn: Richard B. Americans need an anwser to the fuel problems, When you
    debate to buy food for your children or gas to go to work – There is a
    problem.. Can you look into magnetic energy?

  2. usabluenose

    where do you send ??? to for branson??

  3. BenonLocation

    You Mecroxxx are an idiot. Richard Branson is brilliant because he has the
    ability to identify an opportunity & look beyond what others see. He sees
    the simplicity of business & understands that branding is everything. He is
    NOT DUMB, he is dyslexic. He has never confessed to being an amazing public
    speaker. It takes a smart person to understand his strengths & confess his
    weaknesses. Who are you to falsify information about a great entrepreneur
    who has proven himself time & time again. Dumbass!

  4. kensingtonrock

    Branson is the best marketer around. That is where he gets his money from.

  5. rungettothechoppa

    that Joe doesntlook fun and “goofball” AT ALL… didnt persuade me 😛


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