How to make more money GUARANTEED (By billionaire Mark Cuban)


  1. Start your business with a Mentor
  2. DrHillbillyShow

    Listen and pay attention @ 5:20 …. the student loan debt is going to
    cause a major downturn in the US economy and it will happen within the next
    18-24 months. This ‘blame the weather’ B.S. won’t fly.

  3. Havaseet2

    We meet again 240p…

  4. The Tow Channel

    9:31 Mark you need to do your homework.
    Proof positive that lowering taxes increases revenue.
    Cash is not an inhibitor but tax relief stimulates the economy by reducing
    the burden on those most put upon, the business owners.

  5. Nikhil Malankar

    Mark Cuban is an amazing guy! I had a chance to interview him too.

    Check out this:

  6. AussieMatters

    I’d stay away from Australian bonds now that China is slowing down.

  7. Christopher Khut
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  8. morunner100

    Come on Mark, people listen to you because you’ve been successful. Your
    words persuade people to action because they want to be like you. Refusing
    to pay attention to historical trends is irresponsible.
    Decreasing taxes increases revenue. When you reward something you want to
    continue you’ll get more of it, if you discourage that behavior by
    over-taxation then you get less of that behavior. 

  9. Overflow Cafe

    Good video

  10. Mike Miagi

    some stock market sense!

  11. EliWhatever

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