How to Start and Grow a Business: Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: Startup America (2012)


  1. Aldreama Harper

    Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined
    as “one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an
    effort to transform innovations into economic goods”. Great advice on

  2. Reel Unique

    Business advice please….

    How do stores buy from distributors? Can I sell other company’s products
    online?Will distributors deny me if I’m just a one man band online?

    I’m wanting to start buying products directly from distributors instead of
    buying wholesale online. Do I need a special license or anything to buy in
    bulk from distributors? Will they turn me down if I’m just a one man band
    selling online? I’m not wanting to sell alcoholic beverages or anything. I
    see all kinds of advice on the internet about selling your OWN products,
    but what if I wanted to start selling someone else’s products for profit?
    Any advice guys? I’m not interested in online wholesale or liquidation
    auctions. I want to buy directly from distributors. 


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