Ivan Misner with Business networking advice to take the trauma out of networking events


  1. yougottacall

    Dr. Misner has been the visionary & brand leader for local, SMBs for
    decades. These 10 commandments are essential. What tools might allow
    networkers to multiply the effectiveness of the time they spend meeting
    face-to-face with fellow business owners? How can they interconnect with
    each others’ networks to generate & track more referrals? This would
    multiply the value of their chapter membership while validating their
    investment. – – Tim

  2. CountDOODOO

    Thank you so much for your advice! This is going to be perfect for me and
    my upcoming job shadowing sessions!

  3. felpaluche

    The advice was work the risk.

  4. kristina Burr

    Great concepts – 10 commandments are very easy to follow and will assist
    individuals and groups to increase contacts and ensure that once made,
    these contacts can be maintained through follw ups. Having business acrds,
    brochures and collecting other contacts details is excellent way to ensure
    effective communication.


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