Organic Lawn Care Tips & Business Advice


  1. Jakob Njos

    I mow about 10 yards in my neighborhood. Im still in high school but still
    want to grow. do you have any advice on leaf season? Pricing, techniques,
    ect. I think it would be a good way to get new customers for next year. Any

  2. Lawn Care Millionaire

    If we bag we have to charge extra. It costs additional time to bag. We are
    all in the business of selling time. So everything has to be billed. In
    some areas you can bag the grass in recycle bags and leave it at the
    property for trash pickup. Some cities have a facility that handles debris
    that can be recycled. Or you can rent dumpsters and keep them at your
    facility. we use dumpsters emptied daily. we use to take trailers to the
    recycle facility but it has become cost prohibitive.


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