Photography Business Pricing Advice


  1. Tori I.


  2. Sana FF

    I love your videos, you are so adorable, could you make a video about

  3. Jonathan Sickmeyer

    You just got your 301st subscriber. Thanks for the great Info! Keep those
    vids coming!!! thanks

  4. KC7UAM

    Thank you so much for this vid! I can relate it to truckings cost per
    mile!! Not able to truck any more but have trained a a pro shooter and I
    have won a award from our state press association! Thanks again for the
    pricing structure. PS we did not get this info at our school.

  5. James Jenkins

    I love you two!

  6. jtm022690

    Thank you for all the vids you do they are so much help!

  7. MrOscar487

    Im a university student and I have to say you girls are so helpful to me.
    have not thought of that.

  8. Andreas

    good advice…so many people do creative work for a fistful of dollars!

  9. Yoosuf Muhammad

    good advise, indians should think about this bit more

  10. Jordan Thomas

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  11. Jason Geary

    Hey which one of you girls should I talk to about endorsing a product?

  12. xbeforea

    Very good advice. Thanks.

  13. MorganEndres

    Thank you! This really helped! I knew there was a lot involved, but you
    mentioned things I hadn’t thought of to back to the drawing board for now

  14. Gemma Radford - Photography

    Would love to see you guys giving examples on posing the bride by herself
    and them the bride and groom together 🙂 xx

  15. Nancy Aguirre

    thank you so much for this video! I just discovered your channel, and it is
    so informative and awesome! I’m a full-time college student who’s always
    enjoyed taking photos, and I just recently decided to start my own
    business. This video was great! :-)

  16. ToddB987

    I really think it depend on where you live. I know for me I would starve
    being a wedding photographer here in New Mexico. Majority of people here
    would be perfectly content on getting a sub par photographer or relative to
    shoot thier wedding just to save a buck. eveytime.. like clockwork. They
    try minimize the event to get the price down to maybe a couple of hundred
    dollars, or pitch the free meal plan. Seems that no one appreciates pro’s
    anymore. I would go as far as saying people here are happy with with a
    happy snap from thier Iphone than come to a pro to pay for a photo. As a
    good friend of mine said. “They got thier Memory”. Not to say that a
    wedding photographer could make a living doing this in a big city, like
    Phoenix, Denver, LA or Dallas. Where there is an appreciation for artistic
    talent and a educated Society that appreciates it. With intro of digital
    camera’s in recent years, everyone is all of a sudden a professional
    photographer taking average photo’s and exploiting the images through
    photoshop or light room and giving them over used HDR treatment. Good
    advice in your vid.


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