Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs


  1. Tony Harris


  2. Simply Business

    Some straight forward but easily forgotten advice from Richard Branson.
    Thanks for sharing +Big Think 

  3. crowbird213

    Gemigames needs to man up and quit with the loser attitude. Those evil
    elites you talk about organize the production of, well, ALL of your
    products. “The people” are fine but they need “the elites” to organize them
    for a purpose. ” The people” will always fail miserably trying to assume
    this role. 

  4. Piotr Sienkiewicz

    What a pathetic crap! First, take care about marketing. Then about selling.
    And then about investing. Simply, because, all “crowd-pleasers” won`t tell
    you about it.

  5. RP

    To sum up use your ears. Next go by what your heart says try try try.
    Be honest by doing what you capable of.
    Do not put to much on your plate when starting off. Takes money to make
    money in this world today that cost more to live.. You could try mining to
    start, just like how they did in the old days, using your hands and body to
    make money the hard way..
    Fill sorry for the young kids about news paper boys that are not needed
    anymore, that was good start for our kids to learn how to work at young age
    well they can still mow and wash cars. Today they just play games using
    fingers only and do not think about growing up this is not healthy to..
    Once you have a product you can think about marketing only if you know it
    is worth marketing this will take lot your time up may cost lot to find out
    worth going forward to the next stage, no the cost and the risk.

    Idea, Invent low cost energy we needed it. Things like the Cyclone Engine
    runs clean on anything that burns even your grass clippings, it uses no oil
    zero-waste engine what could you do with it, is about to come out soon
    thanks to help of Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research
    and Cyclone Power Technologies Inc..

    Japan has new idea just may work and be good idea if the cost is, they will
    beam sun solar rays down to earth to create a solar energy plant they are
    now planning on why not try try try.

  6. Kate Hoover

    Kicking out an annoying bank manager and using your other, highly
    successful companies for obtaining credit, is a fairly straightforward
    idea. . . unless you only have one company. 

  7. María Mary Miriam

    I wish to open a few hundred homes for the needy around the world … I
    wish to do it for the glory of GOD … and I wonder if Richard Branson is
    willing to put his money in something alike since he is well known as a
    philanthropist …. like Sheldon Adelson. Don´t bother to answer… I know
    where they all stand. 

  8. Jack Ski

    Success is all about corruption. Opportunity & resources that most slaves
    cannot obtain. It is that simple !!! Just my opinion.

  9. Mark Bloomer

    take uh… a drink uh… every time he uh……

  10. cbbuntz

    Richard, can I borrow a billion dollars? THX!

  11. Empowernet International

    “You shouldn’t blindly accept a leader’s advice. You’ve got to question
    leaders on occasion.” – Richard Branson

  12. Ostrich160

    My big difficulty is that in starting up my business, Im too much of a
    perfectionist to ever finish the final product (I might need a legal
    deadline to kick me up to that), but also that in some ways I’d rather do
    something like join the army, go to help other people and all that. I dont

  13. Janos Molnar

    I love it how he is stoned.

  14. Gale Innes

    *A stellar video by Richard Branson.*

  15. Steve Kusaba

    Nice comments!! The only tiny tiny error is that Virgin records does not
    have the Centrifugal Satz Clock on it.

    Richard Branson is one of those people who make the world better by
    providing services and improving peoples lives in the process.

  16. Tim McCoy

    Branson had dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student, but
    later discovered his ability to connect with others.[9] On one of Branson’s
    last days at school, his headmaster, Robert Drayson, told him he would
    either end up in prison or become a millionaire.[10]

  17. CarlJohnson

    stop Vibrating your head sir richard..! it annoys me! joke :-)

  18. CarlJohnson

    ahhhm anddd ahhhm and andd ahhhhm annnnd

  19. R.K. Jorgensen

    A compony is just a bunch of people … so true and so simple. And how many
    “leaders” realize that ?!

  20. Mary Sserwanga

    Why is he shaking? I hope he doesn’t have Parkinson’s or something… I
    love this guy. He’s so inspiring!

  21. Everett Pierce

    Hello Richard Branson. Don’t you think it’s time that we have a talk?

  22. Stephanie Calahan

    For inspiration, the art of delegation…You want to build a brand that will
    flourish for generations and generations;) TGIF!

  23. Sonia Marsh

    Great advice for entrepreneurs; even author entrepreneurs who want to be
    leaders. You can always use advice no matter how “small” your business. 

  24. Michael Arron

    yes, screw your friends and take all the credit from those that actually do
    the work, got it!

  25. iain mcminn

    I can only echo Richards advice here, Being in the mini league compared to
    him. i recently sold my company which went from pounds to 6 figures in the
    space of two years. And in order of this to happen you firstly need every
    attribute Richard pointed out, And as your company grows you need to start
    growing apart as well. Making sure your fully confident in the individuals
    who have the steering wheel so to speak. 


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