STRONG Life Podcast 23: Do You CARE? (BEST Business Advice)


  1. pretty michelle

    george u really like this video?

  2. ThomasAT86

    Maybe this guy leaving you with the neadles in your body would realize
    things when people would tell him this stuff. I think people sometimes get
    stuck in a spiral…they get their clients, they have enough work to do and
    they think the business is working. Now you can say yeah but he should
    realize this by himself if he really cares…maybe you’re right and he’s
    not giving a fuck about people cause he’s got already enough work to do and
    doesn’t need to care, I really understand what you’re saying there. But
    sometimes I feel like people are fucking up and don’t really have an idea
    of what they’re doing there, they just don’t see it or they are growing
    into this and loose their passion about it and just get stuck and need some
    information or criticism from outside to see what they’re actually doing
    and where they are. Hope you understand what I mean :).

    Love your stuff Zach, keep going bro!

  3. Owen Johnston

    If you’re a coach or entrepreneur of any kind, or aspire to be great at
    what you do, listen to this podcast! Zach is a successful strength coach
    and I really enjoy listening to him. Check it out :)


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