The Best Business Advice on Donny Deutsch Show from the CEO


  1. ballerstew

    sick advice indeed. great post. if you have more, please share!

  2. rolfen

    I like the right turn left turn idea. It’s true. You can get bad surprises
    but you can get good ones too.

  3. turtleturbo1025

    donny is the man

  4. Hylith

    Yeah, I prepare for mistakes… change your mind into actually expecting
    them and wanting them. You can’t learn any other way.

  5. 54spiritedwill54

    sick advice indeed. great post. indeed very true.

  6. redbytex

    What an annoying interviewer. Cutting him off, trying to throw in advice of
    his own instead of listening to someone who has something we can learn
    from. But Robert Greenberg had some great advice. Thanks for posting.

  7. hardhittin .suckah

    someone should post Donny when he was on that 70’s show “match game”. I was
    watching it one day and he had this big ’70s afro. I was laughing my ass

  8. MIKEY19900

    i have idea’s but dont have money to start it up , my job don’t pay much
    but its what i know how to do.i have 2-big idea’s that will grow. im 31 and
    still at home , can someone help me out , show me the high path and not the
    low path in money making , thank you……. (thinking it is free but making
    it happen isn’t)

  9. up8above8rich

    just go find a way there is always a way to make money read a book called
    rich dad poor dad and i do know what i am talking about i use to be on
    welfare now i have a networth of over a million and i am 23

  10. kingchico


  11. todnyc

    he obviously forgot that in addition to persistence, you need to hire a
    10-out-of-10 blonde model to be in your advertisements.

  12. darthba11er

    Yeah, that girl is a certified 10.

  13. bigfranky75

    LOL! that is the best motivation youve ever heard? what a joke… standard
    fare… nothing original there. you either lead an extremely sheltered
    life, or you are not very well read.

  14. jhardknox

    jsut go an do it because money is so fucking cheap, any idea you have can
    get funded. no one likes your idea? just do it, because eventutally the gov
    will pump enough money into the system that people won’t know what to do
    with it. and then you can decide to go left or right. just buy more shit,
    buy teh shit that no one wanted when money was tight and invested in the
    things that mattered. we dont even make the shoes, we just buy them with
    moeny we shouldn’t even have if the gov understood limits

  15. Visionary0001

    Very good video segment, but please make your excerpts LONGER, so the
    viewer can absorb more of the mindset and intent of the person/people being
    interviewed. 90 seconds is too brief for a clip of this nature. Thank you
    for this highly beneficial post.

  16. swtkali4nian

    we need more people like this 🙂

  17. NinjaRunningWild

    I love being motivated. I LOVE BEING MOTIVATED!!!!

  18. Mike Locke


  19. BarbieBillionaire


  20. Pauline Sica

    Really amazing!

  21. Marcelo Amescua

    Suepr claro!

  22. stillonparolee

    shhsssh…useless information. Motivational advice without direct just
    leads you further down the wrong path.

  23. MR.X

    Why are you on the wrong path to begin with? Sad

  24. 57statespearlharbour

    Danny douchebag think the Catholic Church ass to address the problems they
    can’t be of the people yeah to worry about journalism stop editorializing
    or the school system stop raping kids and making them eat bad food

  25. Chuck Ferguson

    Why do you hate motivational speeches…


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