Top Billionaire Advice – Turn Your Passion Into a Business


  1. jxsilicon9

    Don’t listen to this guy. He made a billion dollar fortune on paper and it

  2. fiesta1100

    @piperboy350 Why not,I earned my money making cop porn,No sorry popcorn.

  3. Mu5clehead

    @EdTheBadass Depends on my mental toughness. That factor accounts for
    everyone. I remember one of my friends made a couple of millions in
    landscaping and then lost it. Guess what happened next, the wimp cried for
    two months and got his old job back and didnt even bother to start over! It
    depends on that ‘fire’ you got. Which guy are you?

  4. binzsta21

    easy for this guy to say.

  5. klien99

    Sorry, I think what u r saying is just throwing us off track. Being a
    billionaire doesn’t mean just getting into the business you like.
    Billionaires make money and like making money- that’s what they do best.
    Most billionaires have more than one businesses.

  6. SeventhSun

    It’s only about the passion of making and collecting money.

  7. SeventhSun

    @EdTheBadass Abramovich must have had a passion of playing with oil when he
    was young. He saw his destiny from such a tender age. Those motherly and
    fatherly spankings never stopped him because he knew exactly he wanted.

  8. Mark Hamlin

    Great Stuff!

  9. ExperiencedGhost

    Strange how there are now so many videos about how to get rich ! Don’t let
    you get brainwashed ! And NO you will not always a ton of money with the
    thngs you know best ! Don’t get into debt ! If you invest in yourbusiness,
    than you need to have the money needed already in your posession other
    wise, you’re trapped !

  10. Jaugar521

    Thank you for sharing.This really has helped me… I appreciate you for

  11. rorybland

    This is Brilliant.

  12. Stephen John

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  13. gamingmanalive

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  14. Audrey Wang


  15. Sandy Griffin


  16. Sophie Adams

    Top Billionaire Advice – Turn Your Passion Into a Business

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    Top Billionaire Advice – Turn Your Passion Into a Business

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  20. MrDisavowed

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  21. Jakarta123

    thank u for this

  22. Jayden Lawson


  23. Alila Pop

    Turn Your Passion Into a Business

  24. Christos Orphanides

    Thank you very much !! :)

  25. Overflow Cafe

    Excellent video


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