What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO


  1. Ian Anderson Gray

    *Video: Beginners guide to SEO*
    A fantastic video giving a brief into into the wonderful world of SEO. It
    tells you how search engines work and what you need to do on your site to
    improve its visibility and ranking.
    It is a beginners guide so it does miss out some important points:
    – The speed that pages in your site load
    – The age of the domain (It’s a common belief that the longer your domain
    and site has been established the more credible you are to the likes of
    – How accessible your site is (i.e. not using Flash and javascript to link
    round the site)
    – Clean semantic code (although touched upon with the title tags in the
    video, having clean and good semantic html code is definitely good)
    – Sitemaps (Not vital but submitting your sitemap.xml to Google is
    definitel a good idea)

  2. Racha Gh

    SEO video … a bit boring.. but a comprehensive enough for beginners!

  3. Nazmul Nahid
  4. Local SEO Sites

    So what exactly is ‘Search Engine Optimization?’ This quick [VIDEO]

  5. Yuri Carlenzoli

    What Is #SEO ?

  6. Jakk Angsutti

    Before I say good night:) Someone say we can use Google+ for SEO…
    WTH is SEO and then I search and found this..
    OH! that call SEO, I know now, good night Y’all

  7. Radha Chauhan

    search engine optimization

  8. Ethical SEO Consulting

    This video does a great job of answering the question *What is SEO?*

  9. Massimo Fattoretto

    What is #SEO? 

  10. Red Jun Suminguit

    What is SEO? Watch this!

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  12. Greg McMurdie

    Preparing another training presentation – this one for our content
    creators. Nice to see +Common Craft hook up with +Search Engine Land to
    create this introduction to #SEO.

  13. Reg Hobbs

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | As a business owner it is a good
    idea to have a basic knowledge about SEO.

    Since Google is the greatest lead generator on the planet.

  14. Web SEO

    What is SEO? Let this video from Common Craft and +Search Engine Land

  15. Commerce Pundit

    Share with newbie to explain SEO in creative way !!!!

  16. What Websites

    Having a website to attract new customers requires a continuous work. This
    video simply explains how you can optimize the positioning of your site in
    SERPs (search engines results pages). Be ranked in the first three pages is
    really important to be found.
    To optimize your website for new costumers you need to think how people
    search about your business market and not define keywords with you brand
    name. People that search for your brand name are already your clients,
    competitors or suppliers, if is that your objective, that’s Ok!

  17. Brew Stolte

    The most helpful back links come without any question from high PR web 2,0
    platforms.Bear in mind,that top quality uniquely spun or unique content is
    usually recommended for the very best results.We have ranked on the first
    page tens of low and even high competitive keywords and phrases with the
    help of web 2,0 sites created by *r8seo* (Google it).

  18. Cool Tony

    Very good video. Thank you

  19. Remote BPO Outsourcing

    If you have a website and want higher rankings on search engines, outsource
    with us. We have complete team experts that will do all the task for you.

  20. Gregory Johnson

    This is a good +YouTube video on search engine optimization. +Advanced
    Chiropractic Relief uses SEO to bring up our website on page one of a +
    Google search which is the largest search engine in the world. That’s
    another good reason to use +Google+. Have a great day optimizing you and
    your business.

  21. Say It With Power

    For so many, SEO is a total mystery. This is a three minute video on SEO.
    For the small business man this video does an excellent job of explaining
    SEO simply but in detail. Sometimes we just need a little help with the

  22. Shreveport SEO

    Don’t know what SEO is? Well, here is an easy to understand overview of
    search engine optimization. It really illustrates the value of quality SEO
    and it’s ability to help your business get tons of new customers. Help your
    business grow with SEO!

  23. Complete Outsourcing

    SEO is an essential element in outsourcing and internet marketing for that
    matter, Detailed information and summary conveniently packed in one video.
    good job.


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