When is SEO Not SEO?


  1. KodyTube

    please give me a shoutout?

  2. Matthew Edward

    So I’ve been a fan of +AJ Kohn and his *Blind Five Year Old* for a few
    years, but this was my first chance to ‘see’ just how much he gets it, in a
    relatively candid environment. This is exactly why I’m also a fan of HOAs;
    the chance to confirm that the people you follow are as bright as you
    pretty much already knew they were. Get on more HOAs, AJ!

  3. Russell Davison

    An excellent presentation from +AJ Kohn. He knows exactly what can be done
    to help people market their business and he doesn’t hide, as (purportedly)
    experts in search often try and do in an SEO Black Box money spinning
    rip-off situation. He understands that every business has a multitude of
    channel opportunities, of which, the Internet is just but one.


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