Who Else Is Afraid to Start a Lawn Care Business? – Advice to Make It Happen!


  1. tkazeck

    How many snake encounters do your employees have per season in Texas? I
    have several friends that stopped mowing lawns because of the amount of
    copperheads in Fort Worth and Denton Texas. They found it impossible in
    2011 to offer many ground services because of the amount of venomous
    snakes. Just wondering if your employees have reported the same? thank you

  2. philippinophury

    lol the clock sound in the background

  3. donavan lee

    Hi Johnathon
    My name is Donavan Lee.I am 26 years old I have a full time job working for
    the airlines at night.I have two kids and one on the way.I have a part time
    lawn care company that i run on my days off. I love everything about my
    company and i want to make it my full time job and eventually have people
    under me. But I am having such a hard time taking on new business because
    of my regular job. Can you give me any advise on how to transition going
    full time into lawn care. I want to just quit my job buy i don’t know where
    my income will come from until i get more busy doing lawn care. Thank you
    you are such an inspiration.


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