WordPress SEO 2013 – SEO the HELL out of WordPress


  1. Barry Elkins

    Hello and thank you for such a great video. as to the titels and meta home
    page. Check the small help tab on the right of the page. As to finding the
    the Basic Variables. It will be to the left. Best :)

  2. John Carlton

    For someone that has never used Google Web Tools, there is a verification
    process that you must set up. With WordPress being used, this verification
    isn’t going well. Any recommendations would be helpful.

  3. Andrew Carlton

    I got one site verified by both Bing and Google, but for some reason Bing
    isn’t verifying the second website. I am dropping their file directly into
    the C Panel. 

  4. Plavi Pixel

    WordPress SEO 2013 – #SEO the HELL out of #Wordpress site –

  5. Bill Nadraszky

    I have never watched such a long video but this was really worth it. Great
    tips, and great plugin info as well. I have optimized my top site with
    these tips and we will see how it goes. Thanks!

  6. Laxmi Patil

    WordPress SEO

  7. BPO Outsourcing Remote

    Thanks for the informative video. This kind of tips is very useful for
    those people who are new in this world. Keep it up!

  8. Vitali Junolainen

    This is the best SEO explanation what i seen online. Thanks!

  9. BaBa Baker

    0:06:23 Brazzers ? 😀 haha
    And thank you very much for the tutorial :)

  10. Peak Curiosity

    I got a c on gtmetrix.com

  11. Agence Web MKT Lines

    The perfect complement plugin #SEO for #WordPress >>> +1000 downloads the
    first week in the directory !

  12. Modfab com-au

    Excellent tutorial Simon. This will hopefully give my new site a boost!

  13. Sam Bredl

    This was awesome! Thanks for the help, Simon!
    Could you do a video on silo structure seo? I read about it a lot but I
    don’t really get. I like the way you explan things in your videos.

  14. John Campbell

    Hi Simon, Just got the easier section done, only scored an F. GTmetrix tell
    me I have some HQ images and Leverage browser caching causing a problem. I
    will sort them shortly. But everything else is a reassuring green. I am
    going to run through it again over the next couple of days to make sure I
    have everything stacked correctly. Thanks for the great training.

  15. Pas M

    Thank you for the greater video, when I fetch, I get this HTTP/1.1 301
    Moved Permanently
    Server: nginx/1.4.5
    Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2014 12:52:45 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    is this ok?

  16. Jorge Fernandez

    What theme is he using ? 

  17. Flex Flow

    Great video Thanks 

  18. Marc Mendez

    Thank for the great info you shared.

  19. Sean Brown

    wow nicely done . i didnt get it all so maybe i will use your service

  20. Andy Cue

    Best tutorial I’ve come across.

  21. Ray Koren

    Have been using these techniques for a while but you dropped a few new
    things for me. Thanks!

  22. Lab Tv

    after sorting out my sitemaps my website dissappeared? maybe this happened
    before this step im not sure, please help

  23. Здравко Генов

    IMO Your WordPress SEO by Yoast configuration sucks hard.
    Some of your options just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  24. Mensah Wilson

    Simon, When do I submit my index in Google webmaster tools?

  25. anthonysyne

    This was a very in depth tutorial, I followed it for the most part but got
    lost in sections. I think you’d have to have some knowledge on this topic
    to follow it and understand it properly. I had no idea how to access my
    Host C Panel that took me half an hour to work out and my site had no
    keywords in the meta keywords tag after going through the yoast part of the
    tutorial. And the bing seo web analyser found multiple h1 tags which
    needs to be redundant. And I’ve got no idea how to fix these cause I’m a
    novice.. I might have to do some more research and come back to this one..


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